Zero waste tips for beginners

Zero waste life might sound intimidating and complicated. In the beginning, it might be indeed requiring an effort but it is more because we are not used to it. Our mind will be forced to keep on thinking creatively in how to deal with this fun challenge. They key is not to be a perfectionist as it will only discourage you. We cannot deny the fact that supermarkets are full with pre-plastic-packed product. Do not disappoint at yourself seeing your trash that still looks a lot. Start small.

Another key to the transition to a new habit is not to be too drastically. Do not focus on the words zero but instead reduce. It can be frustrating when you are in “zero-waste” mode but still seeing a lot of garbage that you make. We need to know, that it is part of the process.

Some of the things below are simple things that we all can begin to lead to a zero-waste lifestyle. Later it can be added and improved more and more. It is called habit stack. When we get used to something, that is when we introduce the additional habits that are related to the habits we are used to.

1. Use ECOSIA search engine
ECOSIA is a search engine that plants trees. When we search with ECOSIA, 1 tree will be planted by organisations that work with them. Super great concept !!! From looking at the ads they earn their income and from there they take 80% profit to plant trees. Isn’t it cool to do something good by doing what you normally do. And you really make an impact! Check out their planting activities here. Their goal is 1 billion trees by 2020. Very inspiring.

Let’s us discuss 5Rs waste management that Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rot. We can start from Refuse, Reduce, and Reuse.

2. REFUSE a goodie bag or free stuff, or even a gift that is potentially be cluttered in your house.

3. Do you know how long does it take for plastic to decompose? 1000 years. REDUCE plastic is one of the most helpful things for the environment. Ranging from REUSE garment bags or cloth bags for shopping. Always prepare a bag in our purse, just in case we need to buy something unplanned. And you must know that buying fruit with transparent plastic is not mandatory, we can REUSE our garment bag. To buy loose goods like beans, mason jar or used glass jar can be a helper.

4. REFUSE straws from restaurant or cafe. Tell the waitress at the beginning that you do not want a straw. If you prefer to use a straw, take your own straw made from acrylic or steel with you.

5. REUSE drink bottles that can be filled anytime

6. Bring in silverware that can be REUSE. Avoid disposable cutlery.

7. Shop in the market because there are more choices for food ingredients without packaging. Actually you know, zero waste equals to healthy life. Why? Because our choice for unpacked stuff is super limited, it will leave us with fresh food, fruit, vegetables and fresh ingredients. No more processed food with preservative.

Hopefully it will inspire you to start. Start from small.

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