Soap Sanubari – (Extra) Kombucha


Let’s move to soap bar from plastic-packaged liquid soap. This soap is not packaged by any single plastic. All the ingredients are natural.

Suitable for all skin types

Ingredients:  saponified oils (olive oil, coconut oil, canola oil and castor oil), kombucha tea, kombucha SCOBY, peppermint essential oil



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Additional information

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Made from self-brewed kombucha, these kombucha bar are really good for your skin! Though long known for its internal uses, Kombucha does have a wide range of external uses as well. Its SCOBY can help to soothe burns, cuts and other surface wounds. The 30 day+ old Kombucha in is a natural acid peel without any harmful chemicals and this promotes circulation to the skin’s surface which regenerates the cells.

Kombucha is an acetic acid ferment, like vinegar, but with a weaker acetic acid solution (less than 1%). This mild vinegar is a natural exfoliator as the acid is strong enough to break the bonds of dead skin but not so strong that it leaves skin feeling dry or flaky. To the contrary, it leaves skin feel soft and smooth. Kombucha also produces trace amounts of beauty acids such a hyaluronic, lactic, and malic which are often found in pricier cosmetic applications and help fight age lines, spots and wrinkles.

The benefit to using Kombucha Soap with live active culture is that it rinses very clean (no soap scum) and leaves skin very soft. If you like natural soap that rinses clean and is soothing to the skin, I highly recommend you check out the KOMBUCHA Bar Soap!
Ps. my loyal customer love it very much, as her back acne didn’t come back again. Yet, of course maintain healthy diet and drink enough water matters a lot too.