In accordance with our principle, it is important for us that this website is hosted with renewable energy. We strive to look for partner that care as much as we do about environment. Therefore, we traced back exactly where our site is hosted. We strongly feel that just placing a badge of “Eco-friendly” or “Green Energy” from our hosting partner is simply not enough for us. Our hosting partner are too far further down in the chain.

Our website is made and maintain by marketing agency Whello Indonesia. According to them, our particular website is hosted in virtual private server provider – DigitalOcean. DigitalOcean are using many datacenter all over the world, for our website we are using the Singapore’s datacenter, due to close proximity with Indonesia. See here DigitalOcean statement about energy consumption, for all their datacenter.

DigitalOcean in turns are using the service of Equinix. See here Equinox statement about the status of energy consumption for their Singapore datacenter.

Download below the international certification for renewable energy for that particular Data Center.