About us - Maurilla

Founder zerowaste.id

Like most people, I used to think that there was no other way of living without creating waste. Waste was inevitably just part of our life. But after watching a video of Lauren Singer, with years of trash fitting in a jar, it makes me realize that there is other way of living. Since then, I’ve decided to lessen my household waste little by little. I did it by refusing, reducing, reusing and in the future, hope to recycle and rot. The smallest effort counts!

Now I have improved my lifestyle. I feel like my life is simpler (yes, zero waste simplifies life) and the impact of zero waste makes me live only with what is important. No, I am not perfect, I still make rubbish, but much less than before. Imagine if more people are more conscious and more mindful in making waste.

I learnt that many people are still not aware about this other way of living. And knowing that my home country is one of biggest contributors of trash around the world, I feel like having a place to share, not only mine, but many more other people’s. This place will be a home to learn from each other and to inspire. Let’s do this journey together.

You can follow my personal blog on maurillaimron.com or my Instagram on murielimron. I’ll be very happy to get in touch with you.

Co-founder zerowaste.id

My scientific background in Marine Science has given me full understanding of Indonesia’s potential for leading the world in environmental issues. Working on marine conservation and living in Indonesia – the heart of the Coral Triangle, a global epicenter of marine biodiversity, further confirm this. Yet, its maritime potential is grossly neglected and we are currently facing real threats such as marine ‘plastic’ debris that have serious impact on marine environment, economic cost and our health.

It’s heartbreaking to see a lot of marine species like turtles die because they accidentally ingested plastic. This does not make sense. Our plastic consumption has led to the contamination of our food and the water we drink, even worse, this overconsumption has directly contributed to climate change and habitat degradation.

I have been trying my best to reduce my plastic consumptions, choose local products, and try to be more responsible on my actions. However, I came to the realization that I wanted to do something more tangible to solve that problem. I want to start my zero waste journey and spread the awareness to wider community.

I am still taking my baby steps. But, I firmly believe that a thousand steps start with one single step. Let’s connect on my instagram kira_nagustina and do this journey together.